► Black Ops 2 Tips for Better Aim: Control Recoil and Improve Gun Skill (Gameplay/ Commentary)

How to aim better with a mouse or controller in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Beginner Tips) ▻Subscribe! http://goo.gl/E2DgF ▻My Gaming Gear: http://astore.amaz…
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  • when ever i play and get in an iffy situation my hand twitches setting my
    aim off

  • AN-94 is an exception because it shoots faster if you burst 2-3 shots than
    on full auto, the two first shots are at 900 RPM every time you pull the
    trigger. BTW I like your videos.


  • I… I thought this was common knowledge… I’ve done this since I first
    played this. Which was back in Modern Warfare 2. I thought you were gonna
    say something completely revolutionary.

  • wtf is with youtube :/ no dislikes? on every video…but great vid :P

  • Awesome vid but u forgot to mention the variable recoil that is completely
    random and cannot be changed

  • Definitely. It comes down to knowing your gun so well that you don’t have
    to actually think about the recoil; control will come naturally.

  • in mw3 you rank up fast because you get points for everything

  • Awesome video! If you want, you could check out my Call of Duty gameplays.
    Keep up the good work!

  • hey man nice video and it is informative, however is this technique easily
    executable when it comes to actually playing online?