1.) Personal Jesus… The complete movie is divided into 12 parts… Greetings from SaNni…

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  • I remember NIN played KROQ at the start of their 2005 club tour. amazing ahowcase of bands.

  • “Kim, I’m getting your damn cheesecake… I love you babe.” funniest thing I have EVER seen!

  • the best band in the world indeed that is why it is so sickening when some people with heavy accents or bad singing are proclaiming themselves tribute bands

    theres a band in the philippines singing their songs and its eyes and ears shit

  • I did not notice this until now, but Gordeno is playing bass instead of keyboard, and Fletch is just not there… Weird! Fletch has been known to play bass too, right?

  • thx for posting! I remember these tix were impossible to get and I waited for hours by the theater box office- they released a few but I did not get one. Was so bummed!

  • Wow believe in God, or some random person (aka Talking Meat) on Youtube. Huh, not a difficult choice!

  • I totally agree. Religion was developed all for control over people and it has worked perfectly for those who are in control of any ignorant person who wastes his/her time in having faith in something that doesn’t exist..

  • Religion is NOT a personal thing. We have to stand the bells all around the world and these stupid dudes from the churches spread a word about things they don’t know, everywhere. They lie to people every day and tell us there’s a god. There’s no god. Religion is nothing but the uttermost nonsense. Get a life and gain knowledge instead of believing something that’s just pure stupidity. It’s time to take your own responsibility for your life. Don’t blame something inexistent for what you do!

  • have you ever seen those crazy southern american churchs that act like they are all possed? then their reverend touchs their heads and gives them a quick exorcism.
    those guys always wear those fancy suits and drive those expensive cadillacs! this song was aimed at those people