Video was recorded 12.05.2013 in Lokomotiv Stadion, Sofia, Bulgaria camera: panasonic lumix dmc-tz 20
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Its Depeche Mode Black Celebration Cover. all rights reserved to Depeche Mode You can Listen and Buy My Music at…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Както и Stripped през 2006г., това беше един от хайлайтите на концерта, поне за мен, оставих си дробовете и гърлото на нея :)

  • YEAH !! You really should upload more of your works. I know you have tons of material :P

  • офигенно! может попробуем с вокалом? :) мне кажется что у меня голос похож

  • You can send it in dropbox link i think))
    It will be better)

  • Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!Super!

  • i can send you the mp3 with my voice without FX if you prefer, or i can send you the wav file (but it’s very big) i will send you a private msg on your youtube account with my facebook page ;)

  • Привет) Уже созревает Halo – осталось немного , работа отнимает много времени и сил..После Halo будет World in my eyes, после скорей всего Enjoy the silence. Потом сделаю перерыв – и конечно рассмотрю различные варианты- в том числе и твое предложение. Удачного дня!

  • Yeah – ofcourse – i would be glad to mixed it with this instrumental!

  • Hey))) Ofcourse you can ! Send me a link when you’ll finish it)

  • Yes ) Thanks You ))))Check Walking in my shoes – i’ve done a LOT of work there.)
    You are from Poland, in what town do you live?
    With Respect from Russia !

  • Хорошая версия!
    Одна из лучших на Youtube)
    Но вопрос:
    Когда следующая кавер версия DM?
    И не мог бы сделать кавер версию песни To Have and to Hold пожалуйста))

  • And By The Way: could you send me some samples used in your instrumentals? I’d be grateful. :)

  • Well, this instrumental version (and not only this, Policy of Truth too) is just fantastic. It took me hours to find good DM instrumentals, but finally i can listen to them. Great job. :)

    Greetings from Poland!

  • FANTASTIC… if you want i can register my voice on your instrumental song of DM and send it by e-mail ;) we can make a cooperation…
    i have a nice voice that sounds good with the DM songs… i always dream to build a tribute of Depeche Mode

  • You are lucky man ))) They comming to visit us only in march