Cover version of Depeche Mode’s single «Just can’t get enough» which they released in 1981 and was on the first album «Speak and Spell». Have a listen and pl…
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  • Nice one! I will also do a cover of this song during the next months —
    watch out and listen to the lead sound — you might have heard the sound
    somewhere before ……

  • Thank you for your comment Liza. I’m pleased you liked the cover. I really
    enjoyed putting this track together as it’s one of my favourite songs. Paul.

  • By the way — nice drum programming but it´s easier with Cubase than
    manually on a sequencer.

  • Thank you for your comments. Looking forward to your version as I love the
    Access Virus TI sounds. Cheers.

  • This is an awesome cover of this song that i’ve always loved ( and lots of
    songs of this great band as well ) . I subbed :) Liza