It’s the 17th april 2009. Release party for Depeche Mode’s Sounds Of The Universe (SOTU) at Nalen in Stockholm, Sweden. 300 people are listening to the album…

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  • I was at the UK listening parties for SOFAD and Ultra… wish they still did them, especially since I moved out to the USA. It’d be a much better experience than waiting for an album to leak on the net.

  • there is an unmistakable greed within America to keep mainstream music extremely domestic and a major push towards pop and hip hop music to never change it is really sad to me If I was God I would be bored of American Entertainment on TV.

    I know I already am.

  • Well I live in northglenn and I’m a pretty much good DM fan since about 1982 woah that’s a long time!!!

  • Åh fyfan vad jag trodde mina trumhinnor skulle sprängas där i introt…. kunde inte haft på LITE lägre volym eller? Lät lite väl skränigt på plats… :-S

    Synd på en så bra skiva..!

  • God bless places like Sweden, Germany, France, all these places where people don’t write off music cuz groups are over 40 and not doing the exact same sound. Also, I love European D.J’s like Armin Van Buuren and the club scene in Europe. A.S.O.T. seems like back in the 80’s it came over here and washed in like an awesome wave, but it swept back and we are thirsty here in the USA for more options. Wish I could see a show of theirs over there. Keeping it real in Europe. awesome! DM is still #1!

  • Unfortunately here in the U.S., people now will listen to anything the radio plays without really questioning it much. I remember when I was growing up in California back in the mid-late eighties near Sacramento there were a lot of chnnls that played alternative and music from all over the world,eletrocica, rap, industrial, heavy metal, pop…all on the same stations. Radio stations out of San Fran, Sac town, everywhere, now adays just not enough options!! DM is still the best, very creative

  • you are so nice in sweden…here in italy aren’t these great things like you do…in itali mtv shows beyonce rihanna …..they doesn’t know depeche mode…the best in the world….great job….you’re great in sweden…alessio (ITALY)

  • I wish they had gatherings like this in Colorado just so I could meet more of the fans and get to know them. Would be kinda of interesting to gather with others that have common musical interests.