* Video Remastered / Audio Enchanced /Korean Subtitle
by 김영주 (Young-Ju Kim) with Vegas Pro 17


Artist : Depeche Mode / 디페쉬 모드

Year : 1989

Album : Personal Jesus (Single) / 퍼소널 지져스 (싱글)
Song : Personal Jesus / 너만을 위한 예수

영국 그룹 ‘디페쉬 모드(Depeche Mode)’의 곡입니다.

1989년 발매된 동명의 싱글 ‘퍼소널 지져스(Personal Jesus)’ 수록곡입니다.
이후 1년 뒤, 정규앨범인 《Violator》에 수록됩니다.

마릴린 맨슨, 쟈니 캐쉬 등이 리메이크 했습니다.


This song is by a popular English group, “Depeche Mode”.

It was released first as a single album in 1989.
Next year, It was included to their next studio album, “Violator”.

this one was covered by a lot of singers,
like Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash, and else.

please enjoy this :D


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