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I’m currently on a journey to listen to all of Depeche Mode’s albums end to end (Currently on Violator). If there is a song I really enjoy, it goes into my 80s list on spotify ([https://open.spotify.com/playlist/00JKMwwtbCbs7LfNWT40yW?si=yD6fUeZETXaXtKp35PTRvQ](https://open.spotify.com/playlist/00JKMwwtbCbs7LfNWT40yW?si=yD6fUeZETXaXtKp35PTRvQ)). Something I noticed from “Speak and Spell” is that the proportion of songs I did add from that album is less than that of the other albums. I thought this might be because the album is written mostly by Vince Clarke, and the later music, which I would say I like better, is mostly by Martin Gore. The interesting thing is that I really like Yaz(oo)- they were the first 80s band I had a strong appreciation for (I was born in 2002 and only listen to 80s artists lol), and prefer their songs that were written by Vince (besides “Midnight” off Upstairs at Eric’s, that track is pure gold). Any other fans of both Depeche and Yaz(oo) notice something like that?

Also, does “Work Hard” off Construction Time Again remind anyone else of a freight train?

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  • I like a lot of Speak & Spell and the rest of the DM albums, and I LOVE Yazoo. Have you listened to Erasure? Vince formed it after Yazoo broke up, you may like it.

  • Did you check out Erasure at all yet? That was Vince’s band after Yaz. I’m a fan of them and of course Mode. Speak and Spell has a few good moments, but I agree that songs like Nodisco and Boys Say Go aren’t peak Mode tracks.

  • I think because for Speak & Spell Vince (and Martin and everyone else) were still growing as musicians and figuring out what their sound and style was. As Depeche Mode went on their songs got stronger, and same for Vince’s projects.

    (Ps. I’m 10 years older than you but when I was in my teens I too listened only to 80s music!)

  • I liked speak & spell when i was a teenager but not really now. it’s cute for what it is & i like a few of the songs but don’t seek it out. yazoo on the other hand is sheer brilliance & i think it’s vince’s best work. he didn’t like working with either depeche or allison moyet & found his favorite music partner with the erasure guy. his sensibilities are very poppy & allison counterbalanced that with her bluesy thing–a combo i wouldn’t have expected to work. upstairs at eric’s i think is brilliant. but erasure is also not something i would seek out. martin took the band in a darker direction for sure…

  • You have made me realise that I feel the same way as you do. Most of the songs in Speak and Spell are pure trash. Some (like What’s your name?) are beyond embarrassing. There are a few songs such as Photographic which have the dark feel that we DM fans love and that is why you like Upstairs at Eric’s by Yazoo because they are mostly sad songs. Think of the big hits from that album: Nobody’s Diary and Don’t Go – they are powerful and sad songs.