Happy Birthday Dave! Have a nice (black) celebration! Enjoy moding in faith and devotion! Just an angel…a miracle in our lives!

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  • You’re welcome but Daves’ songs have that costom of beeing absolutely
    amazing so …I think we should thank Dave for giving us such beautiful
    songs…enjoy moding in faith and devotion

  • Its such an amazing story of Dave from God!remember Black
    celebration-time,and look him Now!we have to understand,that God is Not
    against us,but with us.He will not ever,never count our sins,only we have
    to do-is to repent them in front of Him.I know this gonna help
    Everybody,cause my life with Jesus is much lighter than it was before.even
    when i suffer i feel i can pick up a little from Jesus’ cross,and for
    Him,its worth to bear pains and suffer :o)!I God bless u all,fight back
    evil with Love!

  • Dave looks like a cute little Jewish boy in his childhood photos.

  • Me too… me too.. Dave is so precious …so very very precious.. That
    voice. Those eyes. That smile. Those moves. That soul. That man is sheer
    beauty beyond compare… *sigh*

  • Is so so cute , thank you for this video and pics….Dave is a wonderful
    man… Bonne fete for the next time. Maha.

  • Great job. Enjoyed watching your video collection with Miracles. Beautiful
    song, great pics.

  • Thank youuuu! i had a great model and inspiration..hi..enjoy moding in
    faith and devotion

  • Definitely human but definitely an extraordinarily blessed human being….

  • Thanks for this wonderful video. I love your work, and the song ♫

  • great tribute to the great artist and personality :) thanks for made that

  • Thanks a lot for the comments! enjoy moding in faith and devotion! :)

  • you did an amazing job with those pix! the song you chose also quite good.
    it truly shows Dave growth as an artist and a human being it s obvious Dave
    is a great inspiration, isn’t he???!!!! take care looking forward to seeing
    more of your work!