In this micro-clip, Jennifer Sklias-Gahan talks briefly about being cast in the comedy series and how she feels about acting in it. M…
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  • ln this micro-clip, actor Jennifer Sklias-Gahan talks about how she came to
    The Louise Log and what it’s like working on it. 

  • I have enjoyed all of the clips leading up to Season 3. Jennifer has really
    mastered the character of Ava. I cannot imagine anyone else would be able
    to equal her. I am so excited for Season 3 I can hardly stand it. Thank you
    for sharing all of these fantastic behind the scenes with us Anne.

  • She is Just adorable! Thats how Greeks are! Funny happy and beautiful!!!
    Way to go Jennifer.Kisses n hugs from Greece.Commander Synthia.

  • Jennifer Sklias-Gahan i like it!, congratulations!