Just how I used to throw it down back in the day. I’d usually open sets with the Depeche Mash-up and close with the Duran and weave the planet rock beat in and out as the theme of the set overall. These records worked together like magic and that was the only way a live mash-up was going to happen in those days. It was the late 80’s and Freestyle had emerged as the dominant style with Stevie B at the top of the charts so it wasn’t a surprise when the blockbuster New Wave bands put out singles with the classic electro-freestyle rhythm. The only problem was that to us purists who never got over the 808, they didn’t quite get it right. Fortunately the Planet Rock Instrumental record worked perfectly, even the synthesizer melodies go together brilliantly(especially with Zeus’ studio magic). Dang that is tight! Just listening to this again for the first time in a while. OK mine didn’t quite sound like this back in the day. Holy Smokes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!

Performed by Johnny Bonus
Produced by Zeus Issariotis

Source by ♛ JOHNNY JUPITER™ ♛

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  • @balkibeats: Thank You very kindly sir, the trans euro synth line from planet rock has got to be one of the most heavily used samples indeed. It’s almost a paradox being a sample of a sample. lol

  • And Johnny does strike again. The Duran Duran is so tuned in as well. So it wasn’t luck then! What’s your secret?

  • The way these tracks are blending is incredible! This is by far the best planet rock mash-up out of the millions that I’ve heard. So Sweet