Taken from Depeche Mode 101 dvd.
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  • This is so cool…We have to remember that Gore did wrote most of his song
    playing the guitar. But without Alan and all his work to make Depeche sound
    the way they did this band would never ever be close to the sucess they
    actually did… Thumbs up everyone who loves the two big pads he got…

  • While he was most certainly the musical genius within DM, it’s a shame to
    think what DM would be today had all could have worked out their
    differences and gotten back together. I’m sure Andy is in a better place
    but his attention to detail made DM what they became. Violator catapulted
    DM into the US and no one could ignore them anymore. While DM has produced
    a number of good songs without Alan, most of my favorites are still in the
    days of Alans tenure with the band.

  • Dear Alan, if you come back to Depeche Mode, I will give you the following
    things: 1) my used moped 2) my friend’s cat Muffles and 3) a slightly
    nibbled biscuit on the table in front of me.

  • ha ha Alan Wilder! ı remember watchıng 101 and thıs scene over and over,
    when ı was a damn kıd..ı totally agree that wıthout Alan Wilder, DM wıll
    never be the same agaın..they were unique ın the 80’s and early 90’s ..the
    fantastıc four seems to be hıstory, shame..

  • If Alan’s face was the last train out of town…I would be ON IT!!!! SOOO

  • WOAH!!! Alan made a mistake AT 1.19? (take a look at his right hand, he
    hits 2 notes at once, instead of one) I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! But
    I Forgive you, because you are a genious!

  • @fourthemasses i have to agree, 1983-1995 was probably depeche mode’s peak

  • no shit.. right. depeche mode is really these 4 guys. dave singing, martin
    writing and alan doing the sounds and fleshing out the songs. The band
    hasn’t been the same without him.

  • We love you Alan! you rock! I wish I could see you with Dm again :'(… you
    marked a long path we will never forget!

  • Depeche Mode sounds pretty good but not as good as it was when Alan Wilder
    was in it and he contributed to the sound of DM and the reason DM still
    sounds great its bcuz they play the old stuff that Alan had so much to do
    with… nuff said…

  • Alan Wilder was the perfect replacement for Vince. He was the sonic
    backbone of DM for so long and an amazingly talented musician. Just my
    opinion but I completely lost interest in Depeche once he’d left. I still
    think Martin Gore is one of the great songwriters of my generation though.

  • Bottom line, it was Alan Wilder’s decision to leave because he was
    disillusioned with Depeche Mode: Dave Gahan’s downward spiral on drugs, the
    lack of healthy communication between Martin, Andy and Alan and the
    pressures of being in such a toxic, non-creative, shackled environment.
    While I do forgive that Alan Wilder walked away, it’s unfortunate that once
    Gahan bounced back and some years had passed that Alan Wilder couldn’t
    include DM back into his creative and artistic life. Life goes on.