Auction. Part one of four. Part 4 is blocked in some countries (license problem). To see Part 4 goto there you’ll find :)

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  • What a collection!!!!! He’s the biggest DM fan!!! :o)

  • look at the size of his bloody house!!!! depeche must have payed well haha, what an achievement,& to hang on to so much stuff from such massive tours is amazing

  • Approve of his song choice for the grand piano showcase ;)
    And he does justice to this brilliant track.
    It’s Life On Mars? by David Bowie if somebody doesn’t know

  • Completely agree. Alan brought with him counterpoint of a darker nature that took the band away from the bubblegum pop sound of Vince Clarke. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as it certainly had it’s place and served it’s purpose. Truly an under appreciated genius Alan is.

  • Eyow, his piano playing on that Steinway is beautiful and effortless. As a novice I really admire that skill. He’s def. someone I look up to musically. He’s not all skill either; he has talent.

  • this video makes me sad:( he is selling his entire depeche mode collection

  • One of the most beautiful men I have ever set my eyes on

  • Without Alan, you really see just how dull and ordinary Martin Gore is as a songwriter. Alan’s production and arrangements are what I truly loved about Depeche Mode…

  • i fell in love with him the time I saw him in the video of “Everything counts” …

  • Wow, you’re right! Those beginning synths sounds were also used (very similar, I might add) in Pink Floyd’s Yet Another Movie.

  • That was actually taken from Alan’s remix of the recent-ish Depeche Mode tune “In Chains”.

  • I wonder if he was selling this because of financial reasons I mean to maintain a big house like that costs a lot of money.

  • Why Pink Floyd at the start of the video? Why not use an actual DM or AW song?

  • But you know? Let’s face it: It’s commercial music. That, Alone, should tell you something about the purity of the art– the idea that art for profit-intent is less pure than one for the sake of pure expression. DM is a packaged product. A brand.
    I’d recommend Kahvi dot org for new music. Besides, DM has has its day in the sun. RIP, DM.

  • …I am still listening to it, and maybe I am off, but so far, there seems nothing on it that speaks to greater sociocultural issues that DM was also about, such as The Landscape is Changing, Blasphemous Rumours, or New Dress. It seems kind of self/relationship-absorbed– for example, I this and I that… was your father, son, holy ghost and priest. WTF. Trite comes to mind. Hey, DM, take your eyes out of your navels and mirrors.

  • Alan ruined DM by leaving it.
    I just listened, thankfully, via free bit torrent download, to a flac version of DM’s recent album (Delta whatever) and it looks like they’re still pursuing this apparent fetish for a kind of sound perhaps reminiscent of old Southern US (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.). What do you guys think? Some of the sounds started cropping up when Alan was still onboard, maybe around Violator, with, for example, Policy of Truth or Personal J.. The twangy guitar.

  • the song he is playing starting at 6:13 is called Life on mars by David Bowie, piano by Rick Wakeman. You can also hear another version of that by Scala and Kolacny Brothers. Steven Kolacny did piano arrangements for that choir.