three of the best maybe not so well known tracks by Alan Wilder / Depeche Mode- Don’t know if there is maybe still any very serious copyright on some of thi…

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  • yep, thx for the link, forgot about the story behind it as well: D.M.
    (Alan, Mart) created an imaginary film in his / their mind with Elivs (born
    in Memphis) and (as) the Devil (Mephisto) so = Memphisto for the trackname

  • Well, this was just more like a spontaneous b-side [on Little Fifteen] for
    the “mainstream” (if you want to call is such) on the record even called
    “music for the masses” ;). D.M. mostly (unfortunately) is just a Pop-band,
    so I think this track was also intended to be recorded quite simple/clean
    and so on.. . If intended, he could have played/can play the whole piece
    (all 3 movements) + more tempi-dynamics without much of a problem I think,
    but since it was for a Pop-record they didn’t as much.

  • I statrted to play piano after listening of this b-sides!!!!! My hearth
    make “Bump!” now,

  • I think D.M. tracks can exist without Alan, but I really greatly miss him
    too at D.M. . The producing would be more to the point and have much more
    (real) depth and dynamic + all his other skills (details) if he still were
    in the group.

  • I wonder why he did not play other 2 movements of this sonata, obviously
    not skilled enough to perform uptempo technically difficult classical
    pieces and the first movement sounds quite amateurishly, there are plenty
    of records of this particular piece which are worth listening much more
    than this one