Alan Wilder – Emulator II Depeche Mode.
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  • please alan..return with depeche … for them were a component important!
    sounds that consisted of were too beautiful ..

  • I love you Alan !!! yuo’re the god of synthesizers! you opened a new world
    to the eletronic music ! and you still rules!!!

  • Wow, from 3 1/2 floppy diskettes to Micro S-D cards! Wow, and i bet the
    Micro S-D can hold more, lol!, But back then that was groundbreaking! I’m
    pretty sure the Emu II is still sought after, after all it made Alan
    Wilder’s signature Depeche Mode sounds!!

  • I see your point of view though keep in mind that the Emulator represented
    a technological leap in magnitude that made it possible for a band like DM
    (and many other 80s groups) to take their show on the road at a fraction of
    the cost it would have taken were they to try to use Fairlights (which
    weren’t very portable) or using the original synths some of which were very
    expensive and generally too delicate for road use. Much cheaper to load up
    the EMUs with sampled sounds and tour the world.

  • En 1991 mis compañeros de la ENET Javier Tapie (Argentina) hablaban de
    Depeche Mode y los Emulator. Esto es increible!! este instrumento hizo
    historia y hasta el día de hoy muchos de nosotros quisiera poseer una de
    estas bestias sonoras. Yo creo que esta música es para intelectuales y
    electromaniacos Ja ja ja!!

  • The mid 80s DM records are great adverts for the Emulator. You would think
    Emu gave them some kick back for this!