Alan and his Toy :-)
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  • @MrTamerlan1980 yeah, Alan is great musician, but we must remember about
    other important people in Depeche Mode history – Daniel Miller, Gareth
    Jones & Flood.

  • “A Question of Lust” Single by Depeche Mode from the album Black
    Celebration B-side —>”Christmas Island” <----

  • i would never missed his class if he was ever a lecturer or something. i
    just love listening to his voice when he talks

  • Genius, Legend!! Gran “músico” y excelente profesor de Sampling, COOL !!

  • No, not Somebody – believe me, it is the B Side of “Question of Lust” I
    have the 7″ and 12″ of it!

  • This is the best thing ever! More useful than some other tutorials out
    there, but coming from the source this is a very valuable (or invaluable)

  • There is no one better. Master, god, Alan Wilder, they’re all the same.

  • Such a brilliant mind. His playing is so tight, but he looks a little
    nervous in front of the camera. What ever happened to him after DM?

  • No…The reason why you hear Blasphemous Rumors is the interview was cut
    short. After Alan’s tutorial the interview continues showing DM on stage
    playing the song.

  • in the future, disks will be 6 times as large, and able to hold up to 244
    bytes!!! ;)

  • It’s a great instrumental if you can get your hands on it. B-side of

  • Beautiful! I had chills when I heard that song the first time. It was my
    first DM show in LA at the Forum in 1986. Pitch dark, people screaming
    their heads off, and they opened with this before kicking off Black
    Celebration. Hearing it takes me back every time.