Interview mit Alan Wilder im Moors Zürich am 21. September 2012.
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одиннадцать + пять =

  • Hot! Ever eloquent and diplomatic as well as charming!but I hope he’s
    workin on something now

  • Alan, so nice hearing the words of Musicians jamming together for the fun
    of possibly creating new music & ideas to try:)) 60’s & 70’s one would hear
    a lot of this happening:)!So glad I listened & watched you in
    Zurich…Re-kindled some great memories…thanks Alan!!

  • I´m 35 now. I could have been Alan´s son or something like that. He have
    gained some weight here but who fucking cares. The Depeche Mode years is
    passed here. Who cares. Alan Wilder is the man.

  • but a genius.genius,geniuuuuuuus,my god!!! and he use his head not only for
    a new…but for thinking!what a surprise for the generation

  • same here! On every interview I saw with him, every douche had to ask him
    about DM…it was his decision to leave, give him a break, ffs xD

  • And how much do you weigh? We don’t know what is going on in Alan’s life
    right now and I am pretty sure with stress of a divorce, parting ways with
    things and a home you spent your youth on working your ass off for, and
    dealing with fatherhood post 50 y/o with no steady work, it does take some
    toll (although I’ve seen Alan look better, he does not look that old and
    especially does not look obese). But then again, let’s see how you look
    when you are 54.

  • I’d like to ask Alan if he feels like jumping on his chair and ripping off
    his hair each time these interviewers ask him about DM questions!