Alan Wilder - Interview Budapest 2012

A Depeche Mode egykori tagja, zenei vezetője, Alan Wilder a 80-as, 90-es évek popzenéjének egyik legnagyobb hatású zenésze.
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  • I’ve come to listen to Alan…but I look at that Hungarian bird.

  • You’re right, this “ancient tribal language” is not for everyone. But
    there’s a lot fan of Alan in my “backwarded country”, and Alan knows it.
    Altough he had many problems with travelling, he managed to give a great
    Recoil concert in 2010. This is one thing he was talking about.

  • fortunately EVERYONE is speaking about subtitels?

  • “LondonGeee” You’re a stupid dickhead! And still a fucking nobody!

  • i don´t understand anything but i want to come back alan to D.M and the
    lass is so pretty

  • You should appreciate that this video gets to the people who doesn’t
    understand your simplistic language.

  • @LondonGeee …She used English… and you’re an asshole! I was gonna
    translate it but thanks to you, I decided not to. Not going to give you
    that joy…

  • I’m sure this is killer if you speak Hungarian! How about CC in English?!

  • What do you expect, is not my native language, never studied in school, all
    learned by myself,but this it wasn’t an impediment to move in London and
    have a nice business and life in there.I shit on Budapest and the people of

  • Dice Rigo Tovar en el minuto 8:10???? o ya me estoy volviendo loco por
    desear tanto su regreso a Depeche

  • Fuck you ancient tribal language.. What’s the point of this shit? How many
    fans Alan have in your backwarded country? Use english..