Galaxy Theater — Santa Ana, CA 10/24/2010. Arrived just in time to record this special moment.

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  • @Vebinz You’re right. And the fact that Martin attended’s one of Alan’s
    concerts showed he was obviously at peace with Alan’s departure.

  • OH it’s really OMG!!!! I stop breathing!!!! Alan please come back to DM
    even just for 1 alboum!

  • I don’t forsee Alan ever returning to DM but I do think its possible that
    he may someday be the producer on one of their albums. Preferably their
    last one as this would be bittersweet

  • thanks for sharing — so good to see glittery Marty again! And so nice to
    witness this hugging with Alan!

  • wow, i wish i could have been there, but so far away…! «you’re miles
    away…» !!!

  • @JezabelGore I was very pleased to see them hug. Just the fact that Martin
    decided to dj after Alan’s performance was a great accomplishment for their

  • It’s just a question of tiiiiiiiime… till Alan Wilder returns to DM…

  • Martin was about to say.. «Hey Charlie… rejoin Depeche yeah?» when that
    annoying chick interrupted them to take a picture. ;-)

  • @ultraviolator I agree! After so many years spent wondering whether they
    could still be in good terms, the fact that lately they have been
    collaborating so much is everything a fan could hope for!

  • @2002blacknitews6 Even though Alan said he would never go back to DM, at
    least, he and Martin seem to be fine…for now.

  • I’m still reeling from this event! (That’s my blonde head boppin around in
    the back)

  • @2002blacknitews6 I certainly hope so!!! But, final album??? Nooooo!!! If
    it’s going to be a final DM album, then Alan has to return. They would have
    to do a massive tour together.

  • You can bet that Alan and Martin have been talking to Daniel Miller about
    Alan rejoining for the next and maybe final DM album. One can hope.