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  • for me AlAn WilDeR in DM has became like some kind of legend that maybe
    will never be realty again…

  • Future guest producer on the next DM album??? Please consider it….

  • Im so respect Mr. Alan Wilder. I really hope you come back to Depeche one

  • Alan studied classical music and, with his natural talent, this made the

  • My last DM concert was “Songs of Faith and Devotion”, after that, I just
    quit paying attention to DM work as with no doubt the spirit in the band
    was gone. Long life Allan Wilder!!


  • as far as I know “If You want to be with me” belongs to A.Wilder. Maybe I
    am wrong.

  • By the way, if you want to see some funny stuff with Alan Wilder, try to
    search for his driving to Hungary. :)

  • The best times were with Alan. I used to be their (DM) fan, but not in the
    last 20 years.

  • Yes. Prior to Alan, Depeche Mode was just a cheesy pop band who no one took
    serious. Vince Clark had them going in that BOY-ish, GAY, colorful
    direction. It was until Vince left and Alan came along and made a ROCK-band
    out of them. Some people don’t understand that Alan made the band what it
    is today. Martin Gore himself has said numerous times that he himself was
    AGAINST the darker, moodier Rock sound. And Alan proved him wrong. Its that
    dark, edgy sound that people LOVE :)

  • I did not know that, but can believe it. I did know that Alan created that
    dark and powerful sound that came out with Some Great Reward and made DM a
    worldwide hit.

  • Learn to read! YOURE the one who has it twisted. I never said Alan wrote
    songs, I said he wrote the MUSIC! That’s two different things. Musical
    notes, chords, beats etc. You may’ve noticed Dave Gahan has written a few
    songs on DMs last couple albums, but you will also notice he gives
    copyright credit to drummer Christian Eigner for helping him write the
    MUSIC that compliments his songwriting. Martin Gore NEVER gave Alan any
    copyright credit for all the classic MUSIC he composed. Shame on him.

  • Actually he’s still spunky for someone who’s past half a century.
    Considering their former wild and excessive lifestyles, DM members look
    remarkably unravaged by time, save for a few wrinkles here and there and a
    few members’ middle age spread. For such mega stars, they seem to be
    amazingly personable and have no airs about them to point of being
    self-effacing. No wonder they’ve got such a loyal global following.

  • LOL. So I guess FLOOD, Gareth Jones, Daniel Miller, Ben Hillier and many
    others got paid to do NOTHING (If Alan was just a producer). Alan is
    nothing less than a musical GENIUS! A studio lab rat who was the driving
    force behind the classic albums. He dared them to be different and more
    aggressive with their sound. He made a ROCK band out of them. Prior to him
    they were just a cheesy pop band. But I’m glad that at least you agree that
    Alan deserved a lot more credit. And we still both LOVE DM.

  • Yeah, my impression is that DM nowadays is just dragging on the old fame.
    Even though, I just can’t stop loving Martin Gore’s lyrics. A song or two
    definitely comes up every now and then that I really like. But I used to
    like the every song on the album at the time.

  • I love Alan Wilder. I met him way back in 1994. He’s beautiful, kind & very