gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Alan Wilder playing 'Christmas Island' and more at Depeche Mode auction in Manchester

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  • Los acordes de «Fly on the winscreen»!!!!!! Es mi favorita!!!!!! Alan come

  • @900GTi Have one in the 90´s.Big 5-1/4″Floppy Disks with ram 512 kb.To load
    a bank on E-II stands on the display:This will take a while. approx.23
    bloody secs:-)Sampling time(mono only)17,6 secs.But still with the menu
    layout on the keyboard,it´s the most easiest sampler to work with,compare
    to for inst.Ensoniq Mirage.

  • They do! Samples on tracks such as Question of Time, Question of Lust,
    Stripped, Enjoy the Silence, Policy Of Truth and many more are still the
    same. And Martin also had his own parts that stayed unchanged even after
    Alan’s departure ;-)

  • Its in his hands, he set up this sampler himself and played concerts many
    many times live . so.. practice … I wish to have one of those samples.. :)

  • Alan Wilder is just too cool for school…………….no wonder they used
    to call him slick. He put the slick in MODE.yeah baby!

  • Man you can tell he really likes playing and demoing. He has a look on his
    face that he misses playing live.

  • If you knew anything about DM you wouldn’t say something quite so dumb.
    From 1983 until he left the band in 1995 Alan played virtually every note
    they recorded apart from Martin’s guitar and Dave and Martin’s vocals. The
    songs are Martin’s, but the sounds were Alan’s. DM still have the samples,
    but don’t play E-Mu samplers any more. It’s their choice to (poorly)
    recreate the classics on modern synths like the Access Virus rather than
    using the original sounds. You can’t blame Alan for that.

  • How in the frikken hell does he know which key will play what sound? That’s
    some crazy shite!

  • Tiene que volver… escuche que es probable que DM haga su ultimo album y
    Wilder tiene que estar

  • Actually, DM use new technology for sound creation, sampling, Sound Modules
    «Receptor 2», not floppy’s or ZIP disk or internal hard drives, they use
    MIDI controlers now, not samplers, they decided to move on and work with
    sound engineers to make the re-creation of the «old sounds» with new
    equipment (even if they didn’t get it), but the decision was much for an
    improving intention than just take samples from the orginal records or
    sound banks. They have several copies of those banks for sure!

  • @MovieViking Is that true? I loved DM right up to MFTMr then moved onto
    other things so I haven’t seen them live for a long long time. Did they
    really not have the original sounds?

  • I’m really impressed the Emulator II still works from 1984..My E2 got smoke
    at home after the circuit board burn i guess..really sad…