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  • It makes quite good sense. Years ago I read that if you divide the combined
    earnings from Violator and SOFAD and the tours by the number of people
    involved you’d get a figure in the high one digit millions of British
    pounds which is what made Alan say he was financially well off. Now 18
    years, a divorce and financial meltdown later, his remaining finances
    cannot uphold his way of life which is sad. It is the tours following
    Exciter, and especially PTA and SOTU that has made the other three rich!

  • It was below the belt, I apologize. I think she took exactly half of
    everything, and I mean everything including the value of their home making
    it impossible to pay without mortgaging it…

  • No worries. I love the man too and his contribution to DM remains
    unmatched. Since Alan was married for nearly 17 years, probrably the money
    earned during SOFAD period she was entitled to collect. His solo work and
    projects during the 90’s after he left DM also netted some income. It
    breaks my heart that Alan had to sell his equipment, but as I said, at
    least Alan opened it to fans. Hope he is in a better place now.

  • Who on Earth are you to judge what should be in the public?? I think it’s
    awesome. Better than collecting dust in an attic!

  • Well it doesn’t make sense if some of the members are super rich and one
    isn’t does it.

  • Quite true and excellent comment. Absolutely love the Mode, but their
    tickets now average around $100 a pop (of course I will shell that kind of
    money out for DM and The Cure, my only two exceptions). Martin, Fletch, and
    Dave also have small businesses on the side in addition to their tours and
    records. I believe Alan also had a very long stretch in which he didh’t do
    anything (most likely to concentrate raising his children). Hope Alan is in
    a much better place now.

  • Sucks that he isn’t getting his fair share of royalties from Depeche Mode
    he should take them to court.

  • First off, all DM’s material (including specific sounds and samples) are
    protected under copyright. Although it saddens me that one of the reasons
    Alan decided to sell some of his collection, but at least he opened it to
    fans. I read a few things that Alan was in the midst of a divorce, so I am
    sure he had to pay a sizeable settlement to his second wife.

  • If I could ask Alan one thing I would ask him what the heck was going
    through his mind when he worked on songs like «It Doesnt Matter Two» «St
    Jarna» «Stone» and «Freeze»