Alan Wilder / Recoil 'Prey - Want' Live HD @ Zion Arts Centre,  Manchester, 03.09.2011. One

At the end of the auction, as a thanks you to the people who attended, he performed his live set ‘A Strange Hour’ that he’s been touring with over the last 1…
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  • This guy’s a genius,I wish I’d known about this gig,I’d have been there in
    a flash.Hope I get to know if he comes over from the USA again.

  • @ tanyakuz Nah mate, it’s the Panasonic Lumix TZ7 working hard from the
    audience. Digital stereo mics and a superb PA means a clean capture !
    Thanks for viewing dude.

  • 9:32-9:34 Alan is like “what… wtf?” at what Mr Kendall’s doing. Great
    job, and funy headbang synchro, boys.