For a sexy man, a talented musician Music: If you want ( written by Alan Wilder) from Some great reward (Depeche Mode 1984)

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  • If anyone if interested – hehehe, i look very much like him lol

  • excelente… que gran tema, de lo mejor que ha grabado DM! Alan Wilder no
    solo es talentoso, es el mas mejor musico que ha existido en toda la
    historia! i miss you Alan!!!!!

  • Thanks but……hahahaha i know to who i will to send this video!!!!!
    Congratulations Mónica: 5*****!

  • <3 he was sure hot when he was young, when this song came out it touched my
    heart, Alan, i luv you <3

  • Thanks!! Alan is a professional musician and he is absolutely beautiful
    too! Enjoyed the music and pics!

  • lo veo dificil, pero… siempre es lindo soñar Gracias por la felicitacion!

  • omg alan wilder is so hot.maybe i i dated him we would do somethin special

  • jaja espero que me de bola el Martincito!!! Alan es todo tuyo !!!(aunque la
    verdad que estaba un bombon antes)

  • i called you for Xmas buddy, but only i want to be with martin.(lol)

  • me gustaria que alan produsca un nuevo album para depeche mode, algo como
    violator, seria genial. muy bueno el tributo, un beso ciao,ciao

  • mm es parecido a Alan? pero cuando era joven porque ahora no da No tengo
    mala onda!!es que no me banco a la farro esa jaja

  • This is awesome! Great choice for a song, too; a song written by Alan
    himself! Thanks, marielbas!!

  • well…… send me your phone (lol) But you look like him at ..what age?