Alan Wilder vs Depeche Mode, Selected Events 2010.

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  • The war is over… Alan chose to leave DM. They have all done well, leave
    it. This is fabulous, congrats!!!

  • Whenever I listen to Alan Wilder, I think “Depeche who?”

  • @thestexxx Well it can be a VERY good imitation, the tonality in particular
    astonishes me anyway, again very nice mix!

  • @JesseTrueStar could you please tell us who the autor is and where have you
    got this one? :)

  • @flyingsayon I don’t know if it is official, but I’m sure is the version
    that he played during the concert!

  • I like Alan Wilder original version, but this … without emotions and

  • Depeche Mode wouldn’t have gotten as far as they have without him.

  • @TheMSRemixes imo a very nice job. Thanks for making it clear and keep up
    the good work!

  • Ovviously this is not the live version, but during the concert Alan made a
    remix like this, with Killing Ground and NLMDA…this was an amazing live!

  • It’s a mix between the Recoil’s song “Killing Ground” and the remix of
    NLMDA published on Music for the Masses. I was at Alan’s concert in Rome
    and he played this version, I’m pretty sure! ^^

  • Actually floated out of my chair at 6 mins, and drifted around the room..

  • How happy was I when I searched for Depeche Mode v Recoil? 8:50 minutes of
    total happiness. Amazing!!!

  • Sad but true.The story began in the end 1991 as DM starts to work with a
    new album . One bandmember had the vision of an great RnR combo in the hope
    to be godlike rockstar. More acoustic sounding less electronic influences.
    More natural soundscapes, less experimental sounddesign. It was an selfish
    undertaking with the goal to trap in the footsteps of others e.g. Stones
    pp.The only thing that the person has not concerned was that DM has had at
    this point of their carrer this stat still reached.