Liner Notes:

This EP is called “Godless Sodomites” to represent a symbolic middle finger

to the conservative Christian movement in America. This EP is also represents

our last recording that is lyrically as well as visually themed around anti-

Christian occultism. 2012 has been a productive year for Alignak and a

conceptual rebirth. This EP is one last send off to the days of playing songs

about Christian boogie men, there are mythologies much darker and elements of

the human experience that can be more frightening and desolate. This send off

is also the last time we will re-record our older Satanic material in hopes

that they are properly recorded how they should have been all of those years

ago. Do not fear, we will still play these songs live and our new material

will be darker. 2013 will initiate the Angakuit in future shamanic activities

of Alignak.


Recording and engineering by Robert P. Performances on these recording are by

Alignak. © 2012 Trippin Hippie Records. All songs featured on are originally

written and recorded by Alignak except Depeche Mode’s “John the Revelator” &

Marilyn Manson’s “Little Horn”. This disc was manufactured and reproduced by

Kunaki. Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this recording is

strictly prohibited without consent aside from the exception of digital

reproduction and distribution.

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Source by Alignak