Anyone love the Failure cover of Enjoy the Silence

Couldn’t believe that I couldn’t find a post on it. It’s a great cover, one of Failure’s best. Andrew Fletcher even said he prefers it to the original.

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  • I am a fan. No where near the original of course. I love that tribute album as a whole. Rammstein stripped is amazing!

  • Fletch says a lot of rubbish especially if it can be a hidden dig at Alan Wilder.

    Fletch would always says DM’s new album was their best since Black Celebration, a dig because from Music For The Masses Wilder co-produced albums (David Bascombe then Flood).

    As Wilder basically transformed ETS from a slow ballad into the track we all know I wouldn’t be surprised if 24 years later Fletch is still carrying his bitterness around with him.

  • Like the original better. No offense but Fletch saying he likes this better doesn’t really merits much for me. Reading their bios, it doesn’t seem like he contributed much to the sound, feel, tone, music. Check out this vid of Andy from omd talking about being on tour with DM during the masses.