Arcade Fire - Reflektor Video directed by Anton Corbijn Download “Reflektor” on iTunes: Pre-order “Reflek…

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  • Why is everyone fucking cheeky on youtube comments. Someone’s always got
    something to say

  • I’m not really a fan of AF. I’ve never really listened to them. That said,
    this is a pretty good song. The whole singing in French seems a bit
    pretentious to me. I’m guessing the hipsters like it though.

  • I really like this song, but it kind of bothers me how rude people are
    being just because others don’t understand it. 

  • @jacobswartz I’m not really a fan either because I just FOUND AF. A FUCK.
    THE FUCK? This video is actually really quite relative to life if you look
    at the numbers. On the back of the truck it said 9, what is before 9?
    8-7=-4=x32+64-based systems like window’s 7. or in otherwords, -8=-7 right?
    and the cycle continues until you reach the number 666 3 times in a row…
    Thus, and therefore what is finit and what is infinite? Well first of all
    my finite is missing and e. yes, auto-correct. What is your body’s
    auto-correcting system? is it windows 7 or windows 8? it depends on the
    person, at this point. but can that person calculate the differences?
    Furthermore, what are the differences this person or COMPUTER have to

  • Unbelievable song, sounds a bit like the cure towards the end!

  • I see before me a myriad of symbolism and poetry during this journey they
    take. Makes plenty of sense to me. 

  • We fell in love when I was nineteen And I was staring at a screen. Ain’t
    that the truth. Damn Internet.

  • Video isnt there to make sense to some idiot in dildoland

  • it seems the cats in arcade fire never run out of creative ideas. they
    actually kind of took a bit of an electronic almost talking heads-esque new
    wave turn on this one. I think what makes this song/video brilliant is that
    its constantly building, building, creating more and more tension, building
    but never really quite gets resolved and I admire that they dont ever
    really spell out a meaning or explain anything in any way. modern day
    abstract art in music and video done effortlessly

  • damn, you know James Murphy produced an album when pretty much all of the
    songs are at least 5 minutes long

  • In the chorus we can listen just a reflektor but it’s not so clear.I’m a
    french guy and i understand je suis une flèche (i’m an arrow)

  • What happened to my question mark and aposthophe, the regular shift+ctrl
    doesnt work. I know about the shit+6 as the question mark, but I really
    need my apostrophes as well. Someone let me know please!!

  • I love this band dearly, but this song is a steaming pile of shit compared
    to any track off The Suburbs. A big step in the wrong direction.

  • “Thought you were praying to the resurrector
    Turns out it was just a reflector (It’s just a reflector)”

  • Are we reflecting what’s around us and what we’re seeing and hearing? Or
    are we taking conscious, passionate action?

  • This video is creepy. I don’t really listen to AF but I love this song.