(C) ZTT Records 1984. Directed by Anton Corbijn. A ZTT original, ZTIS 103, released 26 March 1984. OUT NOW: Art of Noise deluxe 4XCD box set containing 41 pr…
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  • #TBT #nowplaying & breakdancing as we speak! Who want some?!? (pulls out

  • #ThrowbackThursday #BlastFromThePast circa 1984: Whachu know ’bout *this,*son?

  • +Pete Wheeler This is the single version. I prefer the album version.


  • Old school funk ! Loved this funk back in the days ! Still do ! Great
    bobbin music ! My high school days ! Shook my ass to his funky beat! STILL
    DO BABY !! 48 a and STIILL FUNK WI DIS!!!!!

  • @DLCOrganization Lol! I guess I forgot to get back to you on this, oops!
    Anyway, I got introduced to this CLASSIC cut in reverse order. Diversion I
    is the first version I heard of “Beat Box” after it was already quite
    popular. I didn’t hear the Original version until about a year later! It
    was on a mix tape from a local radio station one of my little brother’s
    friends loaned me. Diversion I is awesome, but the Original is my favorite
    version and proved much harder to find back in the day? ;)

  • I was born in the south bx in “75”..i remember hearing this beat in like
    “82” or “83”..i always said this was one if not the hottest hip hop beat
    ever..to my amazement i found out it was some swedish trans euro techno
    beat..incredible this shit beats any hip hop beat out there and it aint
    even rap..long live the bronx..

  • the first time i heard this song it was a bootleg tape from new york city
    and im from Providence…i was hooked 1984 i think

  • I use to break and skate to this version 1 aka original version is the
    best. Then there moments in love…still bangin to this day! But the
    original version starts like a synphony orchastra, then bridges into the
    song. Gil

  • i offered to deliver some leaflets for some fella back in the mid 80s and
    this album was on me headset, anyway i picked up the leaflets walked out of
    the rd wer he lived round the corner and up the main rd. Halfway up the
    main rd i dumped the leaflets over a garden fence without even thinking wer
    id just come from. It was the back gardens of wer id pcked em up from and
    his neighbours garden lol. I never did get any more work off the fella and
    me luck still aint changed and im 40 now lol

  • I wonder what that kid @1:03 is doing right now? Just some random thought
    ’cause we’re probably the same age. Lmao!

  • Do you mean ‘The Box’ by any chance? The Box – 24hr music channel, UK cable