Arturia Emulator II V ” Depeche Mode Soundpack VOL 5 ”
To buy the soundpack contact info:
Includes emux files ( Arturia Emulator II V format-samples mapped across the keyboard) + sample wav files + bonus master backingtracks ( all re-created by me using both original samples and my re-created sounds, and good audio quality )

Almost all the samples in this soundpack are re-created using mostly Synth 1 and some other vst plugins
Except for the following sounds in the songs below:
– Mercy In You – Intro piano- guitar sample
– Something To Do- Intro gargling sample
– Sacred – Intro choirs
– Drums

Songs List:
– new life
– I feel you
– sacred
– mercy in you
– Its no good
– any second now
– sun and the rainfall
– something to do
– told you so

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