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From the second disc of the Limited Edition of Assemblage 23’s «Bruise». Buy Assemblage 23 music and merch from
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • don’t know between Reckless and this one which is the best of Bruise’s
    second disc

  • Damn I need to get the LE the next time. Missing too much epic stuff :(

  • the first step epistemologically is to make the three basic provisional
    assumptions: 1. That you exist. 2. That reality exists in a consistent
    nature, and it can be learned about. 3. That you have intrinsic means of
    experiencing reality, which are sometimes accurate, but not always.

  • No, «holy» books can be re-written by men(who can abuse free-will & corrupt
    most/all of a Creator’s teachings). How can a God write BOOKS if he has no
    HANDS?! You curse God, w/out knowing 100% of reality/the multiverse(maybe
    SET(SATAN) blinds kids & does all other evils! U don’t know! Yet u blame
    «God» despite ur ignorance of who did it). That’s ORNERY, SPOILT &
    ARROGANT—i.e. OPPOSITE of «awesome child». So I see why God(s) just MIGHT
    hurl curses BACK at ur ornery ass, or at least ignore u. ;-P

  • Open-minded? No, you are just retarded. There is a saying about being so
    open-minded your brain falls out. You are well beyond that point.

  • Not really. Not all atheists are anti-theists, and not all anti-theists get
    into internet flame wars. You can debate without being a jackass.

  • Fuck, I’m spamming again, I should go, nice talking to you guys, religious
    or not, you’ve been awesome, have a good day/night.

  • Nothing worse than being involved with the atheist/skeptic communities,
    saying a well-thought-out opinion, and being labelled «not
    atheistic/skeptical enough», circle-jerking sucks, even among the best of
    people, there’s a reason 4chan considers it the cancer that killed their
    site. This «atheism +» shit is more circle-jerking groupthink, ideological
    orthodoxy, funny, the movement wants to make us look better by killing our

  • 4 people believe in a god that wont hear them. The rest has the right idea!
    Love this song…..Assemblage 23 all the way!

  • This song makes me love my already favourite band even more. Being an
    Atheist and all

  • I removed the comment it was a bit too edgy usually I’m pretty cool-minded
    spending more effort on empiricism + utilitarianism than atheism There was
    a bit of circumstance behind the anger that day and I never expected it to
    get voted up the way it did I guess being angry get’s fans b/c people
    really love passion it’s not always a good thing as Alex Jones’s fanbase
    shows I’d love you voting up the comment I made to replace it I’m voting
    for you for not circle-jerking and thinking for yourself

  • I am of the opinion that one has to work with God even as an equal, rather
    than be a dependent. If I was God(and we are) I wouldn’t have much respect
    for those who are dependent on me as much as those who work in tandem with

  • Shit I hate having to remove punctuation, however, I do enjoy how YT
    automatically wraps my text so that it’s readable. I’m probably wrong about
    some things I’ve said, If anyone needs me to adapt my perspective or
    opinions, please give me feedback, and I will entertain it, if (I feel)
    it’s good, I will adapt responsibly.

  • Faith healing has been proven to be no more effective than any other
    placebo. It «worked» because you were convinced it would work, not because
    faith healing actually works on its own. Research the placebo effect.

  • If you had kids who bicker or even make atrocities on each other, & most
    don’t respect (or even curse at) u, even after u tried to teach,
    discipline, then tried again with them—more than 3x (Gen1-10), would you
    keep trying («INSANITY is doing same thing, but expecting different
    result».) or EVENTUALLY leave em to the hell they created? Now multiply by
    7Bil «kids». ;-) I hope any God or bioengineer eventually had more success
    on other planets: Humanity is a (mostly) dismal & failed experiment.

  • It was hard for me to get into it cause I love Compass so much but the more
    I listen to this album, the more I love it :o)

  • Why are you so intent on blaming yourself for all that is wrong in the
    world in order to absolve god from any responsibilities whatsoever? As for
    my «abuse» if he was indeed hurt by what I’ve been saying, then why hasn’t
    he done anything yet? he doesn’t care what I think of him he’d rather be
    lazy then earn my love Also, my «abuse» doesn’t justify the suffering God
    is causing to the entire world, I make snarky comments on the internet God
    watches children starve to death who is the abuser here?

  • (((Hi your New Album Full of brilliant, as always has achieved Cult Status
    …Congratulations i like you can certainlly continue recommend the Best
    regards on soon)))

  • PART 3 of 3: «…It is a test…then love was right to leave u» (google
    those 2 stanzas): You say God is an abusive father (or lover, is more like
    your argument w/Abbadon), but did u ever think how u abused him (like your
    angry posts)? He (love) would be totally right to leave your silly ass. ;-)
    («All» my posts got thumbs-up? I only made 2 posts & I got a 3rd thumb-up,
    so «why is that»? Maybe cos I poke holes in your stance, despite that
    superficially(prima-facie) your stance SEEMS sane? ;-P )

  • The ideal method to judge the truth value of anything is to put it on a
    continuum of probability between 100% likelihood of being true, and 100%
    likelihood of being false, first you put the concept in the middle, where
    it has an equal likelihood of being true or being false, and use supporting
    evidence and logic to move it towards either direction.