ASSEMBLAGE 23 Album — Addendum Track — Let me be your armor.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Even if you become someone’s blindfold and guide them by the hand, that can
    be a much kinder option than pulling the blindfold from their eyes and
    forcing them to see the world around them. Choosing to be someone’s armor,
    choosing to protect them at the cost of suffering more in life, can be its
    own reward. If you’re that willing to go so far for one person, then
    anything you could suffer would mean nothing compared to keeping them safe,
    even if that safety means a little ignorance. There is no absolute
    blindness to the Truth of Life, which in and of itself is subjective. But I
    think that only allowing someone to see the brighter side of things isn’t
    so bad, after all.

    At least, that’s what I think.

  • Since I have seen a lot of music videos. I have a few that resonate
    strongly with me.

    This one cries to me longing for my other half so to speak. It also has a
    bit of my «wild side» in it as well. If you listen to the lyrics the way I
    hear them, better yet interpret them.

    Assemblage 23 — Let me be your armor

  • Assemblage 23 — Let me be your armor video music

  • i like this song. it shows how being too protective van make you posessive
    and patronize the independence of others.

  • You realize this song about stifling someone you love to the point where it
    hurts them, right? Read the last few lines.

  • Awesome Unicorns of Protection. My friend turned me on to this one. I want
    to buy the cd. Blessings.

  • But the meaning of this song states that’s if he’s your armor you’ll never
    truly experience life and learn on your own ;)