“The Noise Inside My Head”, the fourth track from Assemblage 23’s new album “Bruise”. Buy Assemblage 23 music and merch at http://assemblage23.com/store.cfm.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • The Song of the Day: “The Noise Inside My Head” by Assemblage 23, from the
    2012 album Bruise. I haven’t listened through the entire album yet, but
    what I’ve heard lives up to the high standard set by the previous release,
    Compass. Definitely some of the best new synthpop out there.

  • Got tickets to see A23 in February- +Tom Shear puts on a great live show!
    Really looking forward to seeing him again. 

  • Great week in ticket-buying for me! Got tickets to see +Tom Shear in
    Toronto in February. So enjoy seeing him live!

  • Makes me want to burn one but I gota work so I guess I will have to stick
    to alcohol

  • Tom Shear is just a great guy, on stage, on Facebook, in real life. Just,
    thanks for being born man

  • I love his music. Hope to meet him one day when he is on tour. Also thanks
    to Cyberage Radio for having guts to play his music and more current stuff.

  • I could scream myself to sleep, if it would shatter the illusion..

  • Please god make it to Salt Lake this year, Tom, come hell and high water ;)

  • I think another fan was born (after listening to this album :)))

  • Tom you are one of few artists I have listened to over the years and you
    have yet to disappoint me. Keep it up mate! Hope to see you in San
    Francisco soon!

  • Amazing song, i’m showing all my friends. I look forward to hopefully
    seeing you live again when you tour the US this fall! Saw you last live
    year, and got bought your newest album and got it autographed! Been a huge
    fan since 2005. You have gotten me through some of the hardest parts of my
    life, and i would like to say I wouldn’t be the person i am today without