Auctioning off Tickets to Hollywood Bowl show on 10/18 in benefit of Miry's List Charity

Fellow Devotees:

I did the thing where you buy a whole bunch of concert tickets in the hopes of making a profit and then getting to use the extra to buy yourself a ticket for “free”. It dawned on me that I don’t have to be such a greedy goose. Instead, I’d like to auction off the tickets and give 100% of the proceeds to Miry’s List. is a charity that is truly a grass roots effort to crowd source support for refugees relocated to southern California. They use translators to determine the needs of the families, and create amazon wish lists which include everything from toothpaste to furniture to help families get established in their new homes. Miry recently posted that the average yearly cost to support one family runs about $732.00 a year. Is anyone here interested in bidding? I am still working out the best website to host the auction, because I don’t want to suck up donations with a bunch of fees.

I have two tickets in section G2, Row 15 with a face value of $139.00 each.

I have two tickets in section K3, Row 7 with a face value of $106.45 each.

I have two Garden box tickets in Section 1, Row 710 with a face value of $625.00 each.

Is anyone here interested in seeing the show and raising a little money for our new neighbors?

Edit: here is the auction link!

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  • Hi devotees! I suck at Reddit but I love DM!! Less than 24 hours to go in this auction… check it out if you’re in LA! Xoxox