2011 WMG “Seize the Day” by Avenged Sevenfold from their 2005 third studio album “City of Evil”, available here- http://bit.ly/Xc2jMr Subscribe to more new…
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  • when i listen to this song i bet rev must haved fun playing Music and
    hanging out With you guys well i know you guys miss him im doing to but i
    tell you guys he will live in Your hearts and all other avenged sevenfold
    fans to. may the light shine upon you all my friends :) you guys are the

  • synyster gates the dark city revenge trip i believe in thee chapel hill
    bobby hurley mike chizevsky dobermans at the spot of divinity the point
    dume lord of the rings two

  • yo underhill. If you haven’t educated yourself by now, A7X most definitely
    has Metal Trax. They do the crossover well into powerful, meaningful
    ballads. I’m an old skool metal fan and it’s all relative to who your
    influences are. If you wanna shred but still tug on those heartstrings and
    attach personal experience. There is none better than the rock ballad.
    That’s just Metal 101 bra. You’re obviously new to the scene. Late as usual
    I suppose

  • Anyone else think in this video Syn looks like Ben from Asking Alexandria

  • Matt’s such an asshole, not even looking back when his girlfriend/now wife
    almost fell lol. I LOVE THIS VIDEO omg

  • I love you all and R.i.p. the rev im only 11 years old but i still love you

  • oh em gee
    the things id do 2 u syn if we were alone muahaha >:D

  • Has anyone noticed that much of the old comments system is back? Only that
    you can post via Google plus? :DDD YESSSS!

  • one of their best songs… video shows a7x are good actors and should be
    acting as well… very poignant singing of m shadows…