In this video, I tell the story behind my newest song, “Next First Breath.” Next First Breath is definitely influenced by Depeche Mode. When I received the music, I thought it sounded similar to Depeche Mode, and since they are one of my favorite bands, I wanted the vocals to be similar as well. In terms of songs from their Violator album, I think the vocals are closest in style to Sweetest Perfection, or maybe World In My Eyes if you get away from Violator, but I wasn’t going for a specific song, just something similar to them.

Scroll down for links to the Behind The Songs playlist, the link to the lyric video for Next First Breath, and a few Depeche Mode songs.

In short, the song is about experiencing things as though I’ve never experienced them before, and experiencing as many new things as possible. A fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent me the music. At first, I thought about remixing one of my old songs, but I was inspired to write new lyrics while watching an episode of the Bad Batch. In the episode, Omega left her home planet, and touched solid earth for the first time. The wonderment in her voice, and her eyes, made me want to experience things as though I’ve never experienced them before.

Watch the video for the rest of the story. Links:

Behind The Songs Playlist:

“Next First Breath” Lyric Video:

Some Depeche Mode songs:
World In My Eyes –

Enjoy The Silence –

I Just Can’t Get Enough –


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