BeRain — Enjoy The Silence (Cover Depeche Mode)
«Yekaterinburg group «BeRain» was formed in April 2006. Members of the band » Strange «(Alexander Kukushkin) and the project» Sector 516 » (Maxim Sosnin). Later, the group was joined by Boris Protasov and Pavel Druzhinin. All lyrics are in English. The band performed on the same stage with Western Synthpop artists (Melotron (Germany), Covenant (Sweden), mineral (Germany), Andy Fletcher (UK, Depeche Mode) not only in Yekaterinburg, but also in the Northern capital of Russia. In late 2008, the band finally released their first album entitled «Blackout» with synthpop/futurepop sound. At the end of 2009, the group left one of the leaders and founders of the team — Maxim Sosnin, fully focusing on his project «Sector 516″. In early 2010, the group was joined by Pavel Chernogorodov. The band has undergone musical changes. In sounding there were guitars and drums. The second album is recorded in a new style for the band, with a completely different sound,»
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