Berlin Covers Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again

Berlin – live at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank California August 19, 2007. Terri Nunn can sang.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • you need to come down from your cloud and back to reality my freind,
    umm…slow and depressing??? get off the meds then, douche

  • Why would you call them songs of the junkies? DM is one of the biggest
    electronic act and most influential up till now….for many artists.

  • Terri is just amazingly sexy… I want this woman on my face!

  • she sings teh verse part well (and she’s hot), but the original DM chorus
    section is the most ecstatic and perfect piece of music ever made, plus the
    live 101 version is insanely good, so no this is not better, nice cover

  • My favorite female vocalist singing maybe my favorite song ever. It’s not
    Depeche Mode but it’s not supposed to be. Kudos Terri – great job!!!

  • Great voice. Great sound. Great identity. Berlin is way too long in the
    business to be annoyed by people like you. Says a Depeche Mode Fan from the
    beginning in 1980.

  • Nothing compares to Depeche Mode, but i love this Rock Version, very nice
    Voice and Sound.. Like to hear a studio recording !!

  • As a curiosity I looked up videos of original artists of this song, and
    Terri Nunn & Berlin do a *much* better version. It’s not even close. DM
    spends 20 million on their sound stage, and Terri’s Berlin just jumps up,
    she without shoes, and Berlin belts out a smok’in jam.

  • Terri is amazing, no doubt. but better? no. maybe you had to grow up when
    Depeche Mode was new to really appericate them and how far they have come.

  • Terri Nunn has the greatest Golden Honey voice of any living lady. Uuhh

  • “never let me down again” talks about drugs.. it’s a junkie anthem. i love
    depeche mode btw

  • Great drummer, an order of magnitued better than the original DM guy for
    this cover song.

  • Uuhh Rahh! I’m glad to see she has still got IT. Terri Nunn possesses that
    #1 golden honey Cold War voice! Kisses for Terri.

  • still as sexy as she was when i first saw them in 87,great footage by the
    way ,nice take on DMs track.- Cool!!!

  • Oh my gosh, I was at the starlight Bowl that night. They asked Terri Nunn
    to sing “Take my Breath away” twice because she was so good. I’ve loved
    this song as long as I can remember and I’m only in my mid-twenties,that
    proves how great she is.