Depeche Mode — Never Let Me Down Again (Bobalino’s Basildon’s Finest Remould)

Artwork by Luc Lambert aka IDAlizes (

Mastered by : Rick Tedesco

Source by Break Wind Productions

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  • Im not able to Like it—SC doesn’t think I should, apparently, but I do! I do!

  • this is a pretty hard track man, the beat has a nice thick bump to it, really liking the bass vibes as well here dude

  • Great intro! the drums are really nice, Very interesting backing sounds and a really nice job on the ‘layers’ of the song. Nothing madly over powering.. Well done

  • very nice breaks in this track. solid bottom end to the track. nice punch to the drums. I like the depth to the mix. really nice job on the production and mix.

  • I don’t know why but I don’t really like Depeche mode but sure you made me change my mind

  • Song has so much tallent (: Kick is a little to hard & over powering but the track over all is perfect xD

  • many different vibes coming from this track which is good to me because it kept my attention through out good job

  • Woah this is a really good remix. Like the style pf the whole track

  • very uptempo and interesting sounding breakbeat track man. really well produced and on point with the mastering.

  • very atmospheric, very cools song mate, its really sick :) it would fit to a video game very well….xD keep it up man, great material.

  • depeche mode es uno de mis grupos favoritos . buena mezcla y aporte me gusto mucho . descargando

  • Love the way you opened up the frequencies . . . I was beginning to wonder if the whole track was squished. Cut the intro down a little, you might get better track adoption for those less patient willing to listen to your artistry.