German band, quite similar to Depeche Mode. From the album Meanwhile (1989).

  • I know I heard this back in the day! The DJ said band from Germany, Man I
    really like this one Thanks!! d(0_0)b My GORILLA MARK!! Thumbs Up!!

  • :-) przypomina mi pewne chwile, które wiele dla mnie znaczą, a był to rok
    2005… pozdrawiam

  • Holy Crap!!! I cannot believe that I just heard another one of Celebrate
    The Nun’s songs entitled «Don’t You Go» which is just as good as «Ordinary
    World» and «Will You Be There» if not BETTER!!!!!! For the love of all
    mankind and everything that is holy, if anyone could find the single and
    post it onto youtube, I would be forever grateful for you in this lifetime
    and the next to come!!!! Thanks an eternity

  • @goticaborderline This song was recorded in 1989, released in 1990 n most
    places. I’d call it a 90’s song.

  • @DoIDareDream ordinary TOWN not world my friend,defo sounds marc almond

  • This song brings back memories of house parties, and puppy love :D

  • Guauu!! yo tenía 8 años cuando sonaba esta canción! Mi hermano la
    escuchaba… que lindas épocas!!

  • i have been looking for this song for ever since i turned into an old man!!
    Thank you!!!!

  • thanks so mucho for uploading!!!! i have years searaching for this song!!1
    is amazing!!!

  • This song is very impotant in a new wave party or in a 80’s party. It’s one
    of favorites techno pop songs!!!

  • Couldn´t find a ‘video’, but at least I have already posted the ‘audio’
    with a still image:).