City On Fire performing a cover of Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth. Vocals by: City On Fire – 2012 Lyrics by: Depeche Mode – 1990.
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  • thanks man, i appreciate it. ill check it out. i will prolly be deleting
    this song soon just to let you know. thank you though for sharing your
    thoughts bro.

  • wait… isn’t that what a cover is? When cover bands play songs from other
    bands exactly the way it was written?? lol

  • False. Let me put it this way. I also recently did a cover of this same
    song. We built it from the ground up. We didn’t sample the original track
    at all. That puts us on the far left of the spectrum of “cover”. The far
    right, where you’re at, is essentially not much different than karaoke. I’m
    not trying to be insulting or a dick, I’m just saying that if you’re gonna
    do a cover, be original or fresh or new in some way beyond just a re-dubbed
    vocal track.

  • This isn’t a cover. This is you lifting the originally almost entirely,
    then doing your own vocals.

  • i honestly agree with you man. i think i should just leave that song to
    them lol but thank you for posting. i still appreciate the time you took.

  • No problem. Again, hope I didn’t come off rude or dickish. Just some
    constructive feedback.

  • Right, I understand. Again, I didn’t want to come off as a dick, but
    there’s SO much talent out there. And I’m sure you have a lot of it
    yourself. Channel that into a fresh take, even if it stays true to the
    original. Cuz anyone can sing karaoke… By the way, I actually just posted
    my cover. You’re welcome to check it out.

  • i gotcha man thank you. no harm done. Although i actually got the music
    from a guy on youtube who played it on his keyboard. So he built it, i sang
    over it (yes karaoke style). but i respect you guys for doing it all

  • although you basically admitted that it is in fact a cover though it is far
    right on the cover spectrum. lol if it wasn’t a cover it would be an
    Original… lol So i dont know what you want me to call it man. i sang this
    song. its not mine. here it is. hope you like it LOL