The music video Bullet by Covenant.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Is it just me or does the lead singer look like the G-Man from Half-Life?
    Also, google, I’ve read your pop up about the new comments a million times
    now. So you can stop showing it to me whenever I start to type!

    Not that Google listens to me XD.

  • But not austria. They play only 0815 mainstream stuff of todays “stars”.

  • running a little late today (writing a big post can do that to you) but
    after a bit of a break I’m back with today’s Sunday Afternoon Music segment
    and what better way to start off but with a bit of a bullet to the top

  • #setList para la carrera de hoy… — Covenant – Bullet — Covenant –

  • #recomendacionMusical -> Covenant – Bullet

  • Truly brilliant group. The best under this futurepop term. Eskil Simonsson,
    you are a brilliant singer.

  • i rise and fall… very good video! my favourite song of covenant

  • Simply awesome. Powerful. Beautiful. Awesome…oh wait, I already said

  • @axellness Well I would think they would be a lot more popular in Europe
    than in America for starters.

  • What I stated was ironic. For someone that doesn’t know how to use
    punctuation, or capitalization. I don’t think you should be correcting
    anyone. Welcome to the internet, if you want to correct someone, do it with
    correct English.