Covenant — Nexus Polaris, (1998). Lyrics: 1. The Sulphur Feast 00:00 2. Bizarre Cosmic Industries…

  • this is foundation, very nice masterpiece, quality work is what we can hear
    here, Hellhammer on drums, Sarah Jezebel on female vocals and ex Dimmu
    Borgir vocalist Nagash, Just love this album.

  • One of the first albums i sold, only manner of brilliance is that of how
    did i do this one. I keep seeing humanbeings in around that might want to
    ask about how they speak.

  • Brilliant album — they broke their collective heads thinking of ways how to
    top this one I guess ;)

  • One of the best albums ever. The music is amazing, albeit of the weird

    If there ever was a way to re-release this album without any front-vocals
    it would be magnificent. Or at least provide a track based alternative on
    which we can opt out of what we dont want.

    Dont get me wrong I understand that the creators wanted this version to
    be delivered as a whole, still when I am interested to play/hear this music
    I am tired of the vocals.

  • Haven’t listened to this in an age — didn’t realize how awesome this album
    was, and how much it sounds like Transcending Bizarre.

  • +TConder88 I believe that the biggest question I still have since the first
    I came here, but that I didn’t ask, is: Why in the name of all that’s
    logic, are YOU searching on a «Satanic» (even if it’s not) Black Metal
    Video? Did you thought that you would find a lot of lost sould you could
    convert to your «Taxed Cult»? Who do you think you are? Freaking Jesus?
    Wake up!!!

  • Planetarium reminds me a bit of Arcturus. Just like Arcturus members dance
    on Ad Absurdum video. With hellhammer and sverd playing on both albums.

  • i listen to this today and i still overwrought.
    the vocals are still silly as well.
    some pretty memorable licks tho… especially on bringer of the 6th sun.

  • The best Black Metal album of all time… The grandaddy of them all in
    1998… It was put together by different members of different bands (e.g.
    Mercyful Fate, Mayhem, Cradle of Filth, etc.).

    This band could have easily gave Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, and Old Mans Child
    a run for their money if Covenant would have continued taking Black Metal
    to a whole new level with the originality, melodies, opera, and
    progressiveness. Its a hall of fame classic in the Metal world…

  • I don’t really understand why this is still as good as 15 years ago. Best
    record ever.