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  • This broke my heart. I’m so damned glad he’s still with us.

  • David Gahan is the man. No one here nows what´s it´s like to be an addict.
    I´m an alcoholic. I´m not good in the English language but I don`t give a
    fuck about that. Dave is addicted to heroin. He is still addicted though he
    has been sober for 17 years now. He is never gonna be free from the
    desiease called addiction. That´s the fact. It´s easier to sell 10 miljon
    albums as an addict then to live a sober life.

  • This man is not weak and you can see it in all these performances.

  • this would’ve been such a tragedy. thank God he is still with us. love him

  • You would think such a huge rock would have handlers to spring and escort
    him upon his release from jail. Such a vunerable position to be interviewed
    in. He seems like a decent guy and was concerned enough to get an anti drug
    message in so others dont follow his example.

  • I am glad the manager could not shut him up. A brutally honest interview
    that should be seen. While I have always respected him as a musician and
    liked those guys personalities I really have respect for him after seeing

  • I never knew he tried to kill himself!!! Go watch the video “The sun and
    The rainfall” after watching this…it will make you cry!

  • Thank the Lord that he is still with us and that these times are hone! And
    that he that he fell in love with Jennifer.

  • Really, they’re just newsies. Not music journalists. Cut them a break. The
    message he’s delivering is deeper and more important than getting the
    pronunciation of his last name correct!

  • Un uomo capace di vedere i propri demoni passando oltre, verso la luce.
    Sensibilita’ commovente. Un grande uomo oltre che artista.

  • Wow I did not know Dave had been through so much. How did he get that cut
    that was on his face?

  • The manager was there right to pick him up outside the gate: Jonathan
    Kessler. Seen at 3:00 minutes in…he wasn’t on his own. You can hear Dave
    telling him to shut up as he was being rushed to the car on his release.

  • Weirdly enough I know of 4 rock stars who O’D in 1996 Jimmy Chamberlin and
    Jonathan Melvoin of the Smashing Pumpkins. Melvoin died. Bradley Nowell
    (sublime) died And this guy.

  • From strength to strength Dave.. we believe in you!

  • He came back to us. He really loves us. And we love him more.

  • for being a god you have to try the baddest things in this world

  • He is got! Thank you, for still been around us! You are a winner.

  • thank you, aliceindave, for uploading this. everytime i watch it again, my
    heart stopps beating for a second. i sold my SOFAD ticket endof ne 90’ties
    because i wanted to remember him, as he was- not as drugs made him. i’ve
    been told a hundret times that i missed the best tour/ concert EVER!
    dave…we are glad you’re still with us <3