Ez történik, ha Mesmer és Sol össze van zárva! No comment… Dave a legdavebb Dave!!!
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  • It should be illegal for someone to be that sexy and good
    looking:-P!!!!!Now excuse me I must go and wipe the drool from my face LOL
    Love this song and video Big thumbs up!!!!

  • A shower is realy great after watching this;) Ohh..this man…

  • I agree about Dave borrowing the hand thing from Bowie. I’m not quite sure
    who inspired his butt wiggling, hip swivelling, mic stand twirling, air
    kiss blowing and crotch grabbing, but he has made them into his own
    seductive signature moves.

  • @vikingjuve10 hehehe thumbs up for your comment and for the video! ;)

  • He is the reason I am up at 1am in the morning. Too freaking sexy.
    OMFG!!!!! SEXY BITCH!!!!

  • Wow, that was so ORGASMIC!!!! I jizzed in my pants!!! DAVE is a GOD!!!
    YUMMY!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • I’m drooling……It’s not nice…but i am…It’s maybe to perverted for
    the site but only God knows how much i want his touch…From 2:40 to 2:52
    Dave’s move takes my breath away !!! If only i could get my hands on
    him…then there will be “dirty sticky floors” !!!

  • guess he copied this hand-thing from bowie…just see the vid of “station
    to station” /Christiane F. “wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”. Bowie is his idol
    I once read.