Dave Gahan and Rich Machin of Soulsavers go shopping at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. See their full list of picks: http://bit.ly/RaaVB9 Buy Soulsavers albums o…
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  • Is init so funny when actors or singers are whatsoever say hwo they are they are.Llike i’m  Dave Gahan. I mean we know who you are

  • in my opinion, Rich Machin has some great interesting tastes, better than Gahan.

  • I’m going to check out New York Dolls just because Dave called them a ‘wonderful mess.’ Yes, I will probably like them.

  • Can’t help but keep looking at McCartney’s RAM album in the background lol

  • ok now who wants a collaboration between Dave Gahan & Jack White? It would be a dream come true for me.

  • i love…in the morning…very strong…sory for my english…

  • I saw Dave with Theresa yesterday in NY….they r lovers…fuck again

  • I could watch an hour of Dave Gahan going through that whole store just finding bits to talk about.

  • I met Rich at a Josh T Pearson gig waaaay back (at the venue The Slaughtered Lamb in Hoxton, London) and I managed to insult the guy! God, I feel sooo bad about that!

  • Take Me Back Home by Soulsavers, from the album The Light The Dead See.

  • omg he was at amoeba!!!!!! 4months ago!!!! Iive far, in LA county but man I wish I knew he was there. I don’t even think he lives in LA so that had to be planned to be shot. omg..

  • omg i wis Dae was here in Holland the free record shop! I would jump on him hihi!

  • I’m sticking all these albums on my wish list, just because..

  • OMG This man is just PERFECT! so talented & sexy!.What else you can need.

  • He is like the best wines, with the years is getting better… is beautiful!