My first selfmade fan video made with clips from live concerts and music videos dedicated to Dave Gahan… sexiest and hottest man alive :))) Music: Goldfrap…

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  • Great choice of clips, nice editing and cool sound = thumbs and fav! Now if
    only HE was a SHE in a bathing suit…. :P

  • OMG!!!…Dave is soooooo sexy……..thanks for this video…amazing!!!!

  • Very nice video.Thank you to share it. It´ll warm me in this ultra-cold day

  • @marisadepeche Thank you! I meant it to be this way… stay devoted!

  • 1:39-1:40!!! Well done ^_^ It has even a story in it!! On stage, he’s the
    “I can have all I want”-guy, but in fact, he’s depressed and wants a normal
    life, but that’s what he can’t get ’cause of his fame. Like+Fav d(^w~)o

  • @GanjaClaus Thanks! The sky is the limit… make a suggestion! I’ll try