Extra’s Adam Weissler talks to Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan about their new album, Delta Machine, 2013 tour, and much more… April 2013. Follow @adamextra.

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  • this interview is very very inspiring. I have to agree with the comments from many here about how incredibly natural and modest dave gahan is despite the high profile of DM. It’s is more though. He really comes across as an open and gentle soul. I think he has had some kind of rebirth since his mid 90s rock persona. i wish his so much happiness :)

  • He’s always had a boyish youthfulness to him but it’s balanced out .30’s is stretching it but he looks about 10 years younger than he really is. I’m not sure for men but being a 30 year old female and still getting carded for lottery tickets no longer pisses me off.=)

  • Been following since encountering the 13 year old DG in 1975.

  • Ok, at 17:02 did he say “bigger shows in america”?? or am i hearing wrong???

    someone please clarify me on that!

  • aaah I love Dave got to meet him in person! DM is the Delta Machine!

  • DM is like the blood in my veins,I need it to live!! Please keep making music for as long as possible,These guy’s are still so down to earth after all these years,Thank you for your “precious” gift to our world!!!

  • Saw their show last month in Ft. Lauderdale AND THEY ROCKED IT!

  • I am listening DM since 1988.
    See you guys in Glasgow soon ;)

  • The fact that he’s so humble and down to earth having achieved what they have makes him even hotter than he already is.

  • First night at the Staples Center I sat next to a 17 yr and his 10 yr old brother…actually made the moment even more precious.  BTW 10 yr old knew all the words to every song!

  • What! When was he diagnosed with Cancer? I never knew! OMG!!!! I’m so happy he is OK now!!!! I hope he stays in remission and drug free too! I love him sooooo much !!!

  • amazing interviewer, you hardly know he’s there, he lets the subject speak. a brilliant interview.

  • I love Dave…and thank God he still has the Essex accent its hot!!

  • Oh my god, Dave is such a beautiful man! He looks just as hot as he did 30 years ago….maybe even hotter!

  • he is absolutely right about people growing up with Depeche mode. I certainly did, and the band that shaped my childhood from 10 growing thru the painful pubertal years to teens was DM. they eased the pain and darkenss of the difficult pubescent years . love u guys for ever