Depeche Mode — Walking in My Shoes.

  • Terrific performance of one of my absolute favorite DM songs! Nice to see a
    ‘solo’ Dave here. He is SUCH an enigmatic performer! So absorbed in his
    craft. A true professional! And Martin Gore’s song is the real star. Dave
    may be the front man, but Martin’s songs are the genius that really brings
    it all together.

  • embarrassed to say I had never heard of this band until recently… I need
    to change the station on the radio more often I guess. Josh Groban
    mentioned that they are one of his favorites so I had to check them out…
    glad I did!

  • I believe this is just Dave Gahan solo actually. I mean, it’s a DM song,
    but I don’t hear Martin up there with them and it doesn’t sound like the
    way they usually do this song.

  • I would tell you about the thingsThey put me through.The pain I’ve been
    subjected to.But the Lord himself would blush.The countless feasts laid at
    my feet,Forbidden fruits for me to eat.But I think your pulse would start
    to rush.Now I’m not looking for absolution,Forgiveness for the things I
    do.But before you come to any conclusions -Try walking in my shoes,Try
    walking in my shoes.

  • Najlepiej niech zlikwidują YOUTUBE Na chuj to jest potrzebne bez muzyki i

  • If they ever made a Dave Gahan action figure they better get those tattoos

  • may first main argument for the comment on the record: they are incredibly,
    wonderfully and simply divine! I love to listen to their music. <3 are the
    greatest and most wonderful band in the world! I love them and their music!
    are simply the best, what more to write. :) Are the best and most amazing.
    <3 l LOVE. I LOVE. I LOVE. I will love forever and a day later!

  • administracja youtube, na zlecenie zespolu, badz ich menadzerow, lub osob
    odpowiedzialnych za ochrone «praw autorskich» tegoz zespolu

  • it’s just dave.. at least cause the stage isnt that big and well you cant
    hear martin anyway;D

  • This a really-really great version, I LOVE the guitar! Well, and Dave of
    course. :)

  • Y’know, when I first saw this vid and realized it was only Dave performing,
    I was doubtful it would be good. But it was actually pretty good! Dave’s
    vocals are still good, and the backing band does the song justice!