I worked hard on this one, I guess you guys know where I got the clips from, lol I mean it’s pretty much splattered on most clips, but I think I did alright …

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  • So brilliant video! Wow! Song is so …,video is so, i can’t find the word
    to explain it! So powerful! Dave is a best thing that happend to me! DM too!

  • I bought the hourglass CD after wanting it for a long time. Even though all
    of the tracks are excellent, this song is hands-down my favorite. Good job
    on the video!

  • Nice selection of images for this song, I like the contrast between light
    and dark. Adds more depth to the beautiful tune of Dave Gahan’s music ^_^

  • This song is hypnotizing as hell :) Loved the closeup with the falling sand
    in the video

  • The only reason why all of you whiners say that DM does not do good music
    nowadays and this is Dave solo music is better is because is more POP than
    DM ever was or will be I mean they’ve got some popy songs (and good ones)
    like Ejoy The Silence & Precious but this album is more leaning to the POP
    side. DM is not a POP band neither a Rock band.

  • Great Job Gahan, just put ur Heart & Soul into it u knw!!!!! as Long as U
    Guyz dig Dwn From there u’ll Always Succeed… GEAT Fuk’n Job Dave.

  • I very much appreciate your hard work… ENDLESSly beautiful!

  • the video is great!good job!!DEPECHE MODE FOR FUCKING EVER!DAVE GAHAN UNTIL

  • SO beautiful, I don’t see those Getty What? images any more!

  • You really captured the essence of this song with these clips, not an easy
    thing to do! Well done!

  • …forever and ever and ever…Endless…-the best tune from Dave!

  • Great song of a great artist. With Hourglass, Dave proved to the masses
    that not only Mart can write good songs. On playing the angel there are
    some songs which were written by Dave: Suffer well, I want it all. They are
    masterpieces too, like this. Great video, good job!

  • Cool! I like this one, too. It’s more like a real music video rather than
    just a slide show. Keep up the good work!

  • Good, that’s what I was going for kinda like a music video, lol thanks.