Dave Gahan Enjoy in Silence-accapella

Dave Gahan Enjoy in Silence-accapella.
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  • Daves Voice is So Super Sexy & it gives me shivers of indescribable delight
    running thru my Body. Something about Depeche Modes lyrics that I feel a
    very deep spiritual understanding & connection to as time passes & i have
    more experiences it all seems to correlate somehow with Dave & Martin even
    tho ive never met the men I admire & enjoy the bands talent. They are my

  • AMAZING! I mean…I can’t find words…Shit, what a man, what a voice!

  • his voice is so beautiful…almost brings me to tears…gosh, he is just so

  • Thanks for posting this. Been needing an isolated vocal to attempt a mashup
    with Lacuna Coil’s cover and this had the needed amount of echo on it.

  • yeah, the vocals aren’t all that long, but ….. damn. awesome song.